WISHPRO® MIT Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-Invasive|Pain Free|Visible Results in 15 Mins

Wishpro MIT non-surgical face lift has been a global success and been acknowledged to be the best non-surgical anti-aging treatment available.

WISHPRO uses Magnetic Infusion Technology, a revolutionary concept in skincare treatment uniquely designed to tighten and tone almost instantly. 

With visible results from 1 treatment, WISHPRO MIT LIFT is unmatched in the industry and results last meaning clients return time and time again.

Benefits of the WISHPRO MIT Face Lift:

It improves facial contour

Improves skin tone

Reduce & eliminate fine lines & wrinkles

Tightens & firms’ skin

Rejuvenates for young glowing skin

Increases cell turn-over removing dead skin cells

Increases blood circulation promoting collagen

Longer lasting results compared to fillers & injections

Improves lymphatic drainage

Boosts skin immunity

Reduces pore size

How WISHPRO MIT Face Lift Works:

The Wish Pro® device incorporates the Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) that creates a magnetic field.

This magnetic field is partially converted to Micro-current, Red LED, Blue LED, or Magnetic Pulse technologies using different technology heads and together with serum infused treatment capsules, MIT penetrates the active serums into the skin. The unique combination of the MIT technology with the personal serum infused treatment capsules delivers unparalleled results. Technology Heads for better results!