The technology you can now own is the result of one woman’s dream combined with research, development, and testing by a dedicated specialist team with one goal in mind – a future of beautiful, youthful skin without surgery.

An alternative to surgery

An alternative to surgery Managing Director, Yaffa Zhav shares with you more than just a busy lifestyle and a passion for beauty – she’s also opposed to surgery as a beauty “quick fix.” In fact, it was her aversion to plastic surgery that got her researching, which ultimately led to the development of the Professional Device, Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift TM.

Now Yaffa, with 30 years of experience, has put leading-edge professional beauty technology in your hands, for unmatched convenience and the ultimate ongoing treatment.


Improves & tones facial muscles

Improves elastin & collagen production

Improves blood circulation

Improves moisture retention

Yaffa Zhav BioLift™ – How microcurrent technology works

Originally developed in the US in the late 1980s, microcurrent technology was used to treat facial weakness in Bell’s palsy and stroke patients. Since the early 1990s, microcurrent has been used for cosmetic purposes and branded as a non-surgical facelift, simply because of its immediate effects on the skin and muscles. It offers an alternative to invasive procedures.

Microcurrents are gentle waveforms, that match the electrical activity of the body. Research has revealed that microcurrents increase levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and free amino acids in the body. They also promote cell repair.

Microcurrent systems use a combination of different wave shapes, hertz, and current, that are simultaneously directed through single or dual-tipped probes into the muscle or skin tissue. Even the best hydrating creams cannot penetrate deeply enough to address the source of the problem – your subcutaneous facial muscles.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift, Full Instructional Version:

A firmer foundation for younger skin

An underlying reason behind aging features and sagging facial skin is the condition of the supporting muscles. Your facial muscles form the “foundation” of your skin, and if they’re out of shape, it shows. Whilst many women today regularly work out at the gym to exercise and tone their bodies, our faces get no such favours – until now! Finally, the Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift TM provides a way to prompt facial muscles into shaping up. The result is an amazing improvement in skin tone and texture – a difference that lasts.

The full facial workout

Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift TM incorporates leading-edge beauty therapy technology. Infinitely adjustable micro-currents, applied through smoothly contoured wands, penetrate deep below the skin to stimulate tired facial muscles, exercising and toning at the same time. This is a unique treatment that you can feel working immediately.

After just half an hour of treatment, your face will tingle with a pleasant, lively feeling. As soon as your facial muscles start to regain their youthful tone, you’ll see the difference. Firmer skin, better texture, smoothed lines, and improved moisture retention are just some of the benefits.

This truly is a revolution in beauty, one that’s already being called “the non-surgical facelift.”


Katrina Webb to be Ambassador for Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift ™

Congratulations to Yaffa Zhav on her appointment of Katrina Webb, Paralympic Gold Medallist to be Ambassador for Yaffa Zhav Bio Lift ™

Katrina Webb is using the Bio Lift™ and very happy with the results. According to Katrina it is all about skin fitness – to look younger and have a glowing looking skin.