Over 35 years she’s successfully built an empire from her iconic Adelaide salon, Yaffa Zhav Anti-Aging & Slimming Centre in conjunction with her Wholesale Business, ZHAV INTERNATIONAL, distributing the latest innovative technology in Anti-Aging PLUS her very own skincare, YZ Derma Skincare.

Recognized as an industry evergreen with more than 35 years of experience, Yaffa is renowned for her commitment to natural solutions. As well as dedicating her life to researching and refining natural beauty techniques, Yaffa has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur and innovator over the years. Her forward-thinking, for the beauty industry has driven exhaustive research and development. This led directly to the creation of technology and products that today are recognized as the highest standards in the field.

As well as being a business powerhouse, Yaffa has always maintained a strong community focus by supporting many different charities. In particular, by giving women going through chemotherapy a bottle of her deluxe YZ Anti-Aging Oil. Further to this, she’s recently started her very own Charity Foundation so she can continue to give back to her community on a larger scale. A percentage of profit from future sales will be put towards the charity foundation.

Recently, Yaffa has once again, proven she’s truly unstoppable and demonstrates why she’s a true innovator.

After identifying a gap in available professional anti-aging technology, she single-handedly. curated, & designed her concept with an award-winning team of engineers right here in Adelaide SA, to develop the advanced high-performance all-in-1 HANDS-FREE machine, the NEW Zhav Dynamic Lift TM with Moisture Testing. This clinically proven technology has since been nominated for the SA Innovation Awards.

It is truly an optimal piece of equipment, like no other machine in the world, that uniquely combines programmed FC & MC waveforms for ultimate non-surgical lifting results- the TOTAL gym workout for your face!

To further complement this technology, it offers LED LIGHT THERAPY, Infusion, as well as Moisture Testing. The Zhav Dynamic Lift TM offers the best opportunity for salons to create clinic success making it the only investment clinics should consider.



Established, respected, and recognized as an authority in beauty, Zhav International continues to grow its reputation locally and internationally as a unique industry trainer, promoter, and innovator. Excellence in service has always been a hallmark of Zhav International’s business. Be it focused on client salons or the end customer, only the best will do.

Director Yaffa Dunning is an industry evergreen with well over 30 years of experience and an infectiously positive attitude. Her forward thinking and vision for the beauty industry have driven exhaustive research and development. This in turn has led directly to the creation of technology and products that today are recognized as standards in the field of beauty and cosmetics.