Body Fitness System

Computerised Toning and Firming Made Easy

Business Benefits

Combined faradaic & heat treatment
Body Toning
 Immediate results
Client comfort & satisfaction
Increase your client base
Increase your salon turnover & profits
24 pad models
No labour involved
Fully Computerised
Built-in safety features

The Zhav Dynamic Body Tone takes the form of two parts uniquely combined into one fully programmed, computerised toning treatment system. Either part of the combo system can be used singularly or jointly to produce the desired effect.

Specially designed pads are placed on the body, according to your clients’ specific needs to maximise body tone, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The Zhav Dynamic Body Tone’s unique and effective results are achieved by the stimulating pulse of its currents. Deeply penetrating through the fatty surface tissue and exercising the subcutaneous tissue, its operation benefits the mobilisation and the re-absorption of interstertial fluids.

The body’s lymphatic system is stimulated, resulting in the dispersal of excess water and assisting in the detoxification of the body. The results after a course of Zhav Dynamic Body Tone treatment can be quite remarkable. There will be signs of much healthier looking skin, an improved muscle tone, also helps reduce sponginess and appearance of dimpled skin, whilst the skin will become smoother and takes on a more youthful glow.


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