Why have people been drawn to the minerals of this region for hundreds of years?

The Dead Sea is unique due to its high concentrations of salts and minerals, making it one of the saltiest lakes in the world. Particularly rich in 21 minerals of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, it has twelve-minerals not found in any other sea or ocean.

Medical studies have shown that Dead Sea Minerals are effective in treating psoriasis, acne, rheumatism and eczema. Dead Sea minerals are known to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin.

Yaffa Zhav Dead Sea Range will enhance cell to cell membrane communication, which is essential to grow new skin cells making the skin look refreshed and firm. These products will not leave your skin feeling oily, instead providing you with a smooth, soft, moisturised feeling. The Dead Sea minerals found in this range will help your skin rebuild itself to help maintain its natural moisture giving you younger, healthier looking skin.

Dead Sea Mineral Product Range:

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